I consider myself a watercolor naturalist and am passionate about nature and environment.  I studied art at Georgetown College, though the skills required of painting in watercolor and water media are largely self-taught.  I love the freedom I feel when painting with watercolor while watching the flow of colors onto white paper or clayboard.  The way colors interact, merge and change into something new with watercolor fascinates me.  The mental challenges of watercolor, and finding their solutions, keep me curious and searching.  Some of these have almost spiritual qualities; teaching lessons of letting go, staying present, and working with life’s mistakes.  I am forever grateful for eyes that get to see the glorious colors on my palette and for hands that can try to do them justice.


As one who is caregiver to many animals, large and small, I am privileged to have a constant source of subjects for my art.  My chickens, pets and horses give me regular inspiration and show their faces on my paper and Aquabord.  While I often paint my own animals I also enjoy using photos I take at the NC Zoo and of animals elsewhere.  With animals taking a primary role in my art, I also have a series of flowers (I am an avid gardener), landscapes and oceanscapes.  Very little in nature does not find its place in my studio.  With so many interesting sources, I intend to have fun painting as much of it as I can and hopefully others will enjoy it as I continue to travel this path of artistic discovery.